Also known as “Google Business View” an interactive tour can be linked to your business or point of interest location such as museum or public park in Google Maps, increasing the exposure of your location for all to see on the map. All you need is a photographer who is an approved Google Trusted Photographer to create the tour for you.  Take a tour of Governors Museum Themed Restaurant below.

See how google Business View/See Inside has helped business increase their visibility in the video below:

Increased Presence on Google Earth

360 Cities panoramas are visible in Google Earth.  Your location can be featured in Google Earth as a red bubble which is a portal to the panorama on the 360 Cities site.  See the example below.
When you click on the image in Google Earth you will be taken to the 360 Cities website to view the panorama.  Click on the image below to go to the site.
 360Cities Naigani Panorama
You can can also have the same panorama embedded in your website as shown in the example below.  Click on the panorama below and use your arrow keys to look around.

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